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Terms of Service

Accepting a commission:

  • I have the right to reject a commission if I feel that I am unable to complete the commission for one reason or another (ex.: not in my skill set).

    • Will Draw:

      • Humans

      • Furries/Anthro

      • ***NSFW Content (Male and Male/Male Solo/Female Solo) [Please See ‘Note’ Below.]

      • Chibis

    • Won’t Draw:

      • Mecha

      • Hentai

      • Big/Complicated Weapons/Clothing

      • Armor

  • ***NOTE CONCERNING NSFW CONTENT: I will no longer be accepting these as often as I used to. To see if I’m currently accepting NSFW commissions, please feel free to ask me by emailing me or messaging me on social media.***​


  • Money MUST be paid upfront. No exceptions.

  • Payments may be made using: PayPal (preferred), CashApp, Venmo, Google Pay, or Zelle

  • Commissions may not be canceled after the commission has been started.

  • If, for some reason, I am not able to complete your commission, your money will be refunded.

  • Commissions will be dropped if there is no response within 1 month after payment is made.

  • If any payment is disputed/charged back/has a complaint filed against it without a mutual agreement with the client, the commission will be dropped, you will not be able to commission me again, and a “Time Waster” post will be made about you on my social media.


  • Commissions can be made using a few different options. Please continue to read this page in order to see what your options are.

  • In order to accept your commission, I will need this information:

  • Who/What you want me to draw

  • Number of characters that I will be drawing

  • What level of complexity do you want? (Bust, Headshot, Waist-Up, Full Body)

  • REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED (I do not accept commissions that are mostly left up to artistic freedom.)

  • Any additional information that I might need

  • The email address that you would like the commission files to be sent to

  • Once a commission is started, there will be a sketch, inking/lineart (or not, depending on the commission type),and coloring/finalization.

  • Revisions MUST be made during the sketching phase. Clients may check the status of their commission using my Commission Queue.

  • The client is entitled to WIP shots and there will be plenty of communication.

My Commission Queue Explained:


  • Important information regarding TATs (Turnaround Times): I will no longer have predetermined TATs for commissions. Clients may ask for a quote when commissioning me, but there is no guarantee that I will stick to the exact deadline. I do not freelance full-time, but I do like to try my best to return a product that the client will truly enjoy. I need to factor in my current schedule/projects/health in order to determine how long a job may take me. I simply ask that the client be patient with me as I will be giving constant updates and maintaining good communication. Clients are also allowed to contact me should they want to ask questions.
    **When commissioning me, PLEASE alert me to any deadlines that you may have. Requesting a rush job does not cost any extra.**

Rights to Artwork:

  • Once a piece has been completed, the artwork may be used for either personal/commercial use by the client. I simply ask to be notified beforehand if the artwork will be used commercially. When posting online, I require the client to post a watermarked version (that will be provided by me.) I maintain the right to add commission artwork to my portfolio unless asked to keep the artwork private. There is also a very small chance that I will sell prints/merch of the artwork that I produce for your commission. However, I will NEVER do this without the client’s permission.

After commissioning:

  • All commissions are delivered to clients via email (Gdrive will be used to store files.) Four different files will be provided (2 watermarked versions: jpg and png | 2 unwatermarked versions: jpg and png.) Please download these files at your earliest convenience since they may not be available for long. Should you lose the files that I have sent to you, or you did not have a chance to download the files, feel free to request the files be resent to you. This does not cost extra and I certainly don’t mind resending files.

  • As stated before, all revisions must be made before the inking phase of the process. Should a revision be needed after a commission has been completed, the client is free to ask for one as long as it is a small revision (color change, font change, re-positioning of watermark, etc..) There is no guarantee that the revision will be made, but most of the time, I will honor requests.

  • Rules regarding posting will be stated in the email containing the finalized files.

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Accepting a Commision
Commission Queue Explained
Rights to Artwork
After Commissioning
Ways to Commission Me
Commission Form Header_2_blank.png

Ways To Commission Me


Thank You For Reading!

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