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Terms of Service

  • I have the right to reject a commission if I feel that I am unable to complete the commission for one reason or another (ex. not in my skill set).

  • Any art that is made as a commission will most likely be used in my portfolio. No art that is made for a customer is ever really used commercially (by myself) at any point. (this happens VERY rarely, but I always ask for permission from the client first.) If you would like to use art that I make for you commercially, please ask for permission first. I usually have no problem with this.

  • Money MUST be paid upfront. If, for some reason, I am not able to complete your commission, your money will be refunded.

  • The customer is entitled to progress reports and screenshots if they wish. (I usually give progress reports and screenshots without being asked. If I don't, then please feel free to ask for them~)

  • When contacting me, please be as detailed as possible about your inquiry/commission. PLEASE TELL ME UPFRONT IF YOU HAVE A DEADLINE THAT MUST BE MET. If you do not alert me to any deadlines, then your commission will not be rushed after I begin unless requested. If you understand these terms (in completion,) then please state this password while requesting a commission: bubbles. If you don't, then I may not accept your commission.

  • I require photo references before I draw anything. I will not draw things based on description alone.

  • Artwork CAN'T and WON'T be shipped physically. Email is the ONLY delivery option. Please contact me for further details and exceptions.

  • Finished artwork will contain a watermark to prevent art/character theft. The customer will receive both a watermarked version and a watermark-free version. If the final version is posted anywhere, then the watermarked version must be used. Watermark-free versions may be used commercially, but please ask me first.

  • NOTE: Turnaround times listed for commissions are only for RUSH jobs. Requesting a rush job does NOT cost extra.

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What I Will/Won't Draw




***NSFW Content (See ‘Note’ below.)





Big,/Complicated Weapons/Clothing


***Note concerning NSFW content: I will no longer be accepting these as often as I used to. To see if I’m currently accepting NSFW commissions, please feel free to ask me by emailing me or messaging me on social media.***

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How To Commission

Please send me an email/message containing the following:

  • Type of commission (please see the pricing section)

  • Whether you would like a bust, waist-up, or full body

  • Any references that you have of who, or what, you want drawn.

  • Any additional information that you feel is needed.

  • Once the commission has been accepted, I ask that you send all payments to me through Paypal/Venmo/Google Wallet/CashApp/Zelle. (PayPal is preferred.) 


Thank You For Reading!